r. a. n. d. m u z i k welcomes all friends of the black vinyl.

For over 10 years we produce the only true classic sound storage medium in Leipzig.

This happens on a top level of technical feasibility - from the entire factory line up to the finished record. All under one roof, supervised by experienced specialists in their fields: Mastering, cutting, electroplating, pressing, quality testing, printed matter.

Flexible, Except for Quality

If black is not colourful enough for you, we press the disc in red, green, yellow, blue or white.

Editions of 100 or 10,000 pieces?

Possible. Doable.
Only 45 Euro surcharge for pressings under 500 pieces. Covers are offered as standard for any number of copies published in black, white and recycled cardboard. Square, edgy and with a sexy 3 mm spine.

special offer

The offer is valid only on presentation of all necessary materials at the time of order entry, without test pressings
and for standard printing items. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.